Winning entries of Clickart 2 Photography Contest

Winning entries of Clickart 2 Photography Contest

We have recieved more than 500 entries in the second edition of Clickart Photography Competition and it was very

tough for judges to select the best out of the submitted entries, Team Thalagiri congratulates the winners. 

Theme 1 : "EXPRESSIONS" 

1st : Raju Das 

1 Raju Das (Large)


2nd : Prarabdh Dixit  

2Prarabdh Dixit   (Large)


3rd : Ruhaan Khan 

3 Ruhaan Khan (Large)



Theme 2 : "Nature & Wildlife"

1st : Akshat Mishra 

1 Akshat Mishra  (Large)


2nd : Pravin Maheshwari 

2 Pravin Maheshwari (Large)


3rd : Sanjay Parashar 

3Sanjay Parashar (Large)


Theme 3 : "Life In Celebration Mall"

1st : Ayush Devpura 

1Ayush Devpura  (Large)


2nd : Samir Samuel David 

2Samir Samuel David (Large)


3rd : Prince Jai 

3Prince Jai  (Large)


Theme 4 : "Old City (Udaipur)"

1st : Prince Jai 

1Prince Jai (Large)


2nd : Ruhaan Khan 

2 Ruhaan Khan (Large)


3rd : Ayush Devpura 

3ayush devpura (Large)


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  1. Thank you so much . I am honored & feeling so happy. Congratulations for the successful exhibition & competition. Best wishes for all upcoming events.

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