What these guys did to an abandoned wall is amazing

What these guys did to an abandoned wall is amazing

The City of Lakes, Udaipur is an epitome of beauty. It seems as if God has adorned each and everything with his own hands, undoubtedly this is true as a number of foreigners & Indians visit this land of valor and gallantry every year. To enhance the beauty of the Royal City and also to promote tourism, Thalagiri took an initiative under Action Udaipur, to do wall art near Chandpole Puliya which was a great success. The idea of this initiative was to make Udaipur more beautiful and more clean, 'Sundar Bharat, Swach Bharat.' With this the old walls of the Old City were painted beautifully by Artist Vonitya Amit, Artist Kashish Seth and Artist Mamta Singh which were appreciated by all the localities. The theme of wall art was traditional, contemporary and doodling, which in totality signified the tradition and culture of Rajasthan. The inspiration for this wall art came from The Swach Bharat Abhiyan with contrast to Sundar Bharat Abhiyan.

Team is working for more such projects which will definitely make Udaipur more beautiful than before. The team gave this project a title of 'Udaipur Full Of Colours' just as colours add happiness into any painting, the team members are working hard to bring happiness on the faces of everyone.

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