This Diwali let’s not burst crackers but the Evil inside us

This Diwali let’s not burst crackers but the Evil inside us

The long awaited festival of lights is finally here and people will soon plunge into celebrating it. They will be so much involve in the festivity that they might not fathom the damage which they will be causing to environment, animals and even human beings. Yes! You read it correctly. You might relish bursting crackers but the same act of yours could be a big reason of melancholy for others. Here are certain reasons why you should avoid crackers this Diwali.

  1. Air & Noise Pollution: We know the arguments “What about crackers around the globe on New Year?” and “What about pollution from vehicles?” But let’s lead by an example and show the world that our country is at an apex position in taking care of the environment.
  2. Harmful for body: The gases and smoke released from crackers stays in the air for long and are responsible for causing respiratory problems.
  3. An add-on in Global Warming: Again, the gases released from crackers push Global warming to its zenith.
  4. Dust and Garbage: Aren’t we striving towards a Swacch Bharat? So why nullify our own efforts by bursting crackers?
  5. Harmful for Pregnant Women, Babies and Old Citizens: These three categories are more vulnerable to the gases and smoke released from bursting of crackers.
  6. A pain for animals: Animals, especially birds, die because of shock and excessive noise of crackers. Other animals even lose their power of hearing.
  7. Promoting Child Labor: Though in majority of parts, child labor has been banned but still there are certain places where color book is snatched from the hands of children and harmful chemicals are handed to them to make crackers. In a way we are promoting child labor by bursting crackers.
  8. Risk of life: Some defective crackers might cause fire or even injure a person badly. Hence, it is better to avoid them rather than risking your life for enjoyment.


“If not crackers then how we can celebrate Diwali?” if this is the doubt racing in your mind then Thalagiri is here with some better alternatives to celebrate Diwali.

  1. You can distribute sweets or do other charity to the needy and bring a big grin on their face this Diwali.
  2. Ever considered to share happiness with civil servants like policemen? Why not this Diwali share sweets and happiness with police and other civil servants.
  3. Don’t just light your home this Diwali but get your entire locality enlighten by getting the streets light repaired or by placing diyas in every nook of your colony.
  4. Light lanterns and ask your near and dear ones to do the same. Let the lanterns fly to far off places of your city and make your city illuminate with them.
  5. Go green this Diwali and plant trees for the betterment of the environment.
  6. Organize contests at your place this Diwali such as Rangoli Contest, Decorate Diya contests and Decorate Pooja Thali Contest.
  7. Take some vow or pledge or a resolution this Diwali and follow it in coming days.
  8. Organize a get together with your friends or family members and relish the moments with them.

Who says bursting crackers is the only way to celebrate Diwali. We used to light diyas and lamps on Diwali before. Why can’t we follow the same tradition and celebrate the festival without any harm to anyone. On this auspicious occasion, Thalagiri wishes each and every one a very happy Diwali!

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