''Hello! Bhaiya where are you?''

''Sir, look at the white Xcent right behind you..''

''Okay, wait…''

During my recent trip to Jaipur, I met this super amazing Uber cab driver, Deepak Jaiph. He apparently turned out to be such a good singer that I was totally dumbfounded.

We struck a conversation while on my way to the destination. He casually asked, ''Sir, are you married?''

Perplexed, I asked, ''Um no, why do you ask?''

''Ary Sir, I'm just asking because I don't want anyone to suffer the way I am suffering.''

Still not being able to understand his point, I asked again, ''Suffer? Why, what happened?''

''Sir, I believe that if you have dreams to follow, you should not get married until your dreams come true. I always wanted to be a singer; singing has always been my passion. But because of immense pressure from my family, I got married. And now, my dream of becoming a singer is buried deep down somewhere."

Like a stereotypical idiot, I said, ''But you can still move forward in that direction. It's never too late for anything, don't you think so??''

''Haha! Ary Sir, who would meet my family's responsibilities? Where would I get the money from? I am driving this taxi so that I can feed my family. Singing will only give me struggle; struggle to me and my family. I have to be a responsible husband and father. "

I was silent. I didn’t know what to say. All I could think about was his situation. And I couldn’t have been sadder.

Interrupting my thoughts, Deepak asked, ''Sir would you like to listen to a song?"

Realizing how zoned out I had been, I abruptly said, "Yes Bhaiya, why not?''

A rush of mixed emotions passed through my body after I heard his song. Deepak has inspired me to live for our dreams, no matter what, no matter how, always do what you love. His story is truly inspirational for all those who at some point of time quit living their dreams because of societal pressures or unreal reality checks by family. He is undoubtedly talented and he presents a case which we can take as a lesson for ourselves.

While it's never too late and never unattainable, we as a society must play our little parts by sharing this video and giving him some recognition which I bet he truly deserves.

Small things count.

Watch and share this beautiful video of a talented taxi driver :) 

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