Santa helped homeless this Christmas 2014

Santa helped homeless this Christmas 2014

Santa's act of kindness – A helping hand for homeless people

Performing Social responsibility in a creative manner is what is called as Social Thalagiri.
Sharing compassion to homeless is an act of social responsibilty. Team Thalagiri foresaw Christmas 2014 as a day as be of service to the homeless folks celebrating this social service in Christmas protocol was an exciting experience.

The story of helping homeless begun when we saw numerous unfortunate people survivingthe extreme cold on streets at night without proper blankets. Team Thalagiri was overwhelmed with fellow feeling and decided to distribute blankets to the needy, secretly. We alongwith our secret santa moved onto streets and covered the shivering fellow beings with woolen blankets.

Being secret santa and presenting the needful to the most needy beings made our mission successful with a satisfactory happiness.
Our idea of centralizing this mission as a secret task was to distribute the christmas festivity with a sense of remembrance that somewhere santa exists. Our sources intimated us about the thankfulness and happiness of the gift receivers.

We've recorded our secret social service.
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