Recalling the wonderful moments of Master of Art – Workshop II

Recalling the wonderful moments of Master of Art – Workshop II

Leave a piece of magnet at one corner of the world and other piece at another corner but still they would find and bond with each other. Same concept is espoused by the artists around the world. No matter where they are, they would find each other and learn and share with each other the discipline of Art.

Master of Art – II, a workshop on “Doodle art and Illustration”, was organized by team Thalagiri on 1st November, 2015 at Hotel Kapish Smart of Jaipur.

The basics of art and illustration were imparted by Mamta Singh, a knowledgeable and experienced artist in the same field. She also mesmerized everyone by a painting which she painted in front of everyone. The attendants too aided Mamta Singh in filling the canvas.

From an 8 year old kid, Aakash to 45 year old woman, Veena Ji, the attendants had people from various age groups. They all sung praising words for Artist Mamta Singh and another renowned artist, Mukesh Nayak, when they came across their art works in the corridors of Hotel Kapish. We presented certificates and discount vouchers of “My chef” restaurant to the participants.

Team Thalagiri was honored by fabulous reviews and suggestions about the workshop. Lastly, we would like to convey our special thanks to Taruna Kewalya, Avtar Singh Rathore and Shivani Verma, who volunteered at the workshop and made it a success.

Hopefully, we will be back soon with a new workshop but till then keep the spark of your passion alive and always listen to your Heart and ART.

Master of Art – Workshop II











Some reviews and feedbacks from the participants

Highly learning and amazing. Keep doing such workshop. Enjoyed


Wonderful workshop! quit knowledgeable. Appreciated


Amazing, I am gonna change my mind and will pursue art and sketching.

Thalagiri doing wonderful job by helping artist and supporting them. Thank you


Amazing, interesting and very impressive work. Always wanted to paint wall and now, I have been

motivated to paint soon. Looking forward to be part of your group one day.Good luck and

keep on doing great job.


It was cool. I don’t even know what was doodling and illustration.

But now I have learnt it and wall painting too.


Great experience. A beautiful wondering out from day to day routine and creative.

Awesome is the word for the feeling I had. More workshop will benefit more people and

relieve them from stress. I am stress free this hour and now also know tool to be stress free.


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  1. It was a wonderful experience..learnt a lot of new keep me informed for further events!! 3 cheers for thalagiri team!! Awesome work guyz :)

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