One day free workshop on wall and stencil art by Thalagiri.

One day free workshop on wall and stencil art by Thalagiri.

A one day free workshop "MASTER of ART" was organized by team Thalagiri on 10th of May 2015, basic art techniques were taught by a renowned artist Vonitya Amit, who has an immense knowledge and experience of stencils and wall art. There was a nice gathering of art lovers and learners, and also they loved the paintings exhibited by the artists: Vijaylaxmi Kothari, Himanshu Upadhyay, Manish Sharma, Sabira Hita, Dakshita Sharma and Vaishali Vaishnav. At last a fantastic musical performance by our two dear friends Shailesh Purohit and Arpan Jain stole everyone's heart present there in the arena

The event was a combo of workshop + exhibition + musical performance. We got fabulous reviews and suggestions about the event. We just want to thank you for being there and supporting us. Special thanks to our volunteers without whom the event was not possible: Reenal jain, Taruna Kewalya, Himanshu Nagda, Nikhil Jain and Deepak Purohit.


Images of the Workshop:

Presentation Arena Master of Art workshop1 2

Practical Class 3

We felt proud when they made this 4 5 610 9 8

Exhibition 14

Everyone tried their hands on the wall and than we got this awesome art12



    First of all i congratulate team thalagiri for this event and there is no doubt that y it was a grt success. your effort, enthusiasm, creativity and team work made this a great success.

    i would definitely follow your upcoming events,

    thanks and congratulations again. :)


    • Thank you Himanshu for being there and supporting us, our efforts were made successful by your enthusiasm, hope to see you soon.

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