Let’s “Zikr” About Music’s Healing Power

Let’s “Zikr” About Music’s Healing Power

Let’s “Zikr” About Music’s Healing Power

You rush to a doctor when it pains, you gobble down pills when you are ill. But have you ever tried music to heal yourself?

‘Not really.’ If this is what you just murmured, then here is Desert Rockk band with the perfect melody that will not only mesmerize you but also make you feel rejuvenated.

The storyline of the 3rd officially released music single by Desert Rockk band revolves around a deaf protagonist who has visited a professional for consultation. However, rather than consulting her, the professional arranges for her a soul-soothing music session (enacted by the Desert Rockk band).

After her several attempts to communicate to the band that she can’t hear, she calms herself down and tries to play along till the conclusion of the music session. To her dismay, she seems to slowly hear the melody of the song. As they say that music has healing power, she soon has started feeling the music. She sense the song and grooves on its beats.

As the spellbinding song comes to an end, a beautiful quote by Elton John gives everyone food for thought.

“Music has Healing Power. It has the ability to take people out of themselves.”

As a proud media partner of Zikr, Thalagiri wishes lots of success to the members of Desert Rockk who have been fascinating everyone with their music for five years. Thalagiri also wishes them luck for all their future endeavors.

And this is to the Desert Rockk Band from all its fans and the music lovers:

“Tujhse hi noor hai, tujhse sukoon hai, tu hi to hai mera thikana…”



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  1. I am a tabla player… learning indian classical from last 8 months and playing tabla in light music Bollywood from last 3 years…i also want to enroll my self…

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