In conversation with the Author:  Hasan Ali Gumani

In conversation with the Author:  Hasan Ali Gumani

Our city, Udaipur is packed with talented folks. If some outshine at dancing, then some excel at singing. If one paints like a boss, then another creates appealing stuffs like a pro. Thalagiri, which has been boosting art and artists from its inception, reached to have a conversation with an amazing storyteller, Hasan Ali Gumani, who has been spell bounding the city with his novels.

With the occasion being the launch of his second book, “The Geek who took my Gold”, he nodded to open his heart to us. Sit back and enjoy reading this wonderful conversation between Thalagiri and an Author from Udaipur.

“First of all, I would like to thank the Team Thalagiri, for giving a boost to art and artists. You guys are doing a great job. Also, thank you for this honor. As this is my first interview, so don’t mind if I goof up [He chuckles]” Said Hasan while welcoming the Team Thalagiri.

Q.1. You hold an MBA Degree. So, how you forayed in the field of writing?

Yeah! I am an MBA. I even did a job as a business area manager but quit it and started following my passion of writing. It was in 2012 that I wrote my first book, “…and they called it A Love Story” and realized that with writing being my forte, I should enter the same field. But first I decided to complete my post-graduation and thus, I joined a B-School. It was only during my job that I published my first book and decided to focus entirely on writing.

Q.2 What inspired you for "The Geek who took my Gold"?

That’s my B-School, IBS Hyderabad. In fact, the plot of “The Geek who took my Gold" is set in the same campus. It was during my Post-Graduation that I made my mind about the same. Though the entire plot is fiction but my B-School played an inspiring role for me.

Q.3 Who is the most riveting character of the story?

[He Sniggers] Taking one name would be an injustice for other characters. It is completely subjective. If for me character A is compelling, then character B for you could be engrossing. So, it completely depends from reader to reader.

Q.4 Is it related to any real life incident?

No. As I mentioned, that my B-School played an inspiring role for me in jotting down my second book but the story is completely fiction. Though a majority of characters’ names are real but the plot is fictitious.

Q.5. Does the book target young crowd?

Of course, it does. In fact, apart from young students, it is sure to be loved by all those folks who were ever a part of any competition. I guess, today, we all are enrolled in some or the other competition. So, basically, “The Geek who took my Gold” is for everyone because it has fun, humor, thrill, etc. It is a perfect fusion.

Q.6 How do you relate the story with your life?

As I said that today we all are a part of competition. Your attitude to win it defines you. These geeks, with their hook or crook efforts to win the competition, teach that if you have made your mind to achieve something then giving up is not an option. Thus, these geeks motivate me to achieve milestones.

Q.7 Have you portrayed the "Geeks" in a negative or positive role?

For all others, these Geeks play a positive role but for each other they are truly negative. No, I am not being diplomatic here.

Q.8 What all troubles you had to face while publishing your first and second book?

There were rejections from many publishers. But eventually everything was back on track. Also, finding a good publisher was no less than a challenge.

Q.9 How do you entertain bad reviews?

They are necessary if you always look forward to improving yourself. Just work on the bad reviews and hope that they will turn to be a good one in future. Just don’t ignore them.

Q.10 Is your second book connected with the first one? Can we expect a sequel of your second book?

No, they both are different stories completed unrelated to each other. I don’t like to kill the curiosity of my readers with the waiting time and hence no sequel for “The Geek who took my Gold”.

Q.11 Are you working on your third project?

Yes, I am done with the outline and will start jotting it down soon. had a whale of time talking to the author, Hasan Ali Gumani. In case if we have left out anything, you can ask him directly. He is ever available on:

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  1. Excellent work, Hasan

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