Do you know every Journalist is an Artist?

Do you know every Journalist is an Artist?

What if I say that every journalist is an artist? 

What if I say that the purposes of art and journalism are not too dissimilar? 

And what if I say that what seems to me will certainly seem to you that journalism is an art form. 

And for that all you have to do, is to just go through

  1. PRESENTATION OF INFORMATION: The main purpose of journalism is not to provide the information but to present the information and it involves creativity. Be it a gathering information part or the writing part or the photograph part….everything involves creativity.
    And do you know what an artist does?

Yes! He creates!

Presentation of information

  1. STORY TELLERS: Be it an artist or a journalist, their existence is to tell a story in a way that connects to the reader/viewer. For them stories goes and grows around them. Have you ever noticed any artist or a journalist? You will find them always looking for something, anything and everything. They can make everything interesting.

storry tellers

  1. CONFIDENCE GAME: For them, there is no laxman rekha. It's all but a confidence game. Those who are confident enough to present what they know are ahead of others in this field. Controversies??? 

Oh! They welcome it!


  1. EXPLORERS: if they are not exploring then basically they are not working, because their work itself demands them to be an explorer. 
    Their research mode is always on and networking is in their blood. 
    You'll always see an artist with his sketch pad and a journalist with a notepad, as they are always looking and noticing things and you'll often find them taking field notes. 
    Keep them in an empty room and they'll explore that room like no one else.


  1. PHILOSOPHERS: well! They have got many things to talk upon one single topic, as they have explored too much, seen too much, heard too much, read too much, that they have things to say…

Too much! 


Sit with them for a while and you'll know. 
And they are not boring. I bet! They won't leave you snoring. 

There are a numerous ways of a journalist which makes him/her an artist in a way. The only difference is – his/her painting is:

Full of Words and it’s Not by Brush


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