Did you see the ‘Celebration’ Celebrating Republic Day ?

Did you see the ‘Celebration’ Celebrating Republic Day ?

During festivities and occasions, taking care of the environment and surrounding usually slip through the crack. But turning a blind eye on the environment is not encouraged, especially today, when it demands an extensive care from our end.

26th January 2017 – the 68th Republic Day of India – is here and the creative bug inside the Team Thalagiri decided to celebrate it in an out-of-the-box way. Stuff that is usually considered as waste and thrown away in the open was used to embellish the food court of the Celebration Mall and bless it with a makeover for the republic day.

Thalagiri, which always bestows the artists with a platform to showcase their talent, took an amazing initiative of upcycling and use materials such as threads, waste papers, tires, etc. to make one of the biggest eateries of Udaipur Republic-Day-ready!

Apart from ornamenting the place, the objective of the project was to encourage and motivate people to save the environment and strive for a sustainable future. Though saving environment includes oodles of steps and initiatives at the macro level,  Team Thalagiri is confident that its initiative is surely a contribution towards the big goal of saving the environment. Thalagiri family feel honored & thankful to Celebration Mall, Management team for giving us the opportunity to express our love for our motherland.

P.S.: Do visit Celebration Mall (Food Court 3rd floor), and write your message for our Motherland “INDIA” on the message board.IMG_6011 (Large) IMG_6016 (Large) IMG_6010 (Large) IMG_6004 (Large) IMG_5997 (Large) IMG_5999 (Large) IMG_6000 (Large) IMG_6003 (Large) IMG_5989 (Large) IMG_6040 (Large) IMG_6039 (Large) IMG_6037 (Large) IMG_6032 (Large) IMG_6033 (Large) IMG_5994 (Large) IMG_6023 (Large)



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