Desert Rockk – Raking up the old wounds with ZAKHM

Desert Rockk – Raking up the old wounds with ZAKHM

Lake of Sorrow

Ocean of Death

Valley of Sadness

End of Life

This is how individuals with broken heart define love. They would either make booze as their ally or plunge into the songs that perfectly reflects their condition. Well, if you are one of those who roam in the city with a heart tore into pieces, then Desert Rockk is here with its latest music composition, ZAKHM, which would help you define your situation.

The amazing storyline with mesmerizing music makes you rewind the video again and again. The vocalist & lead guitarist, Abhishek Garg, rhythm guitarist, Aditya Garg, Trishal Lohar, the drummer and the entire team of Desert Rock including Tabbassum Sheikh have blown soul in the song with their voice and instruments.

 Watch the video Ft. Priyangi Kapoor & Abhishek Garg in lead roles. is not only the media partner of Desert Rockk band but also one of its big fans. Their first song, Banjara Awara song still echoes in the ears to the listners and we wish lots of success to Desert Rockk and hope to hear from them again soon.

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