An Udaipurite Making his Mark in Literature World

An Udaipurite Making his Mark in Literature World

We, at Thalagiri, have been promoting and encouraging achievements of Udaipurites ever since our beginning. Standing firm on the same philosophy we are here with one more Udaipurite with his achievement in literary world.
Hasan Ali Gumani from our very own city of lakes, Udaipur penned down a fiction that goes by the name “…and they called it A Love Story” and launched it last year in the month of September.
“I jotted down the entire book in the year 2012 and it took me three months to complete the work.” Says Hasan. “After initial rejections I started losing hope but I thanked my stars when Zorba Publisher nodded to publish my work.” He added.



Now guess what! His book “…and they called it A Love Story” is set in our beautiful city, Udaipur. It is a tale of two groups. One group as all the boys in it while other has girls. Due to a failure of prank they meet each other and agrees to bind together with the thread of friendship. They cherish their bond and enjoy their life to fullest. With the passage of time two of them escalates themselves to the category of “Best Friends”. But destiny had something else in store for them. There arises a misunderstanding between the entire group which shakes their bond. So whether they are able to stand in the odd circumstances or do they fall apart? We’ll get the answer once we’ll flip the pages of “…and they called it A Love Story.”

You can find the words of Hasan Ali Gumani on all the major online platforms:

And in case you cannot wait for the delivery boy to ring your bell then you can simply rush to the Crossword store of Lake City Mall to grab your copy.

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  1. Hasan Ali sir has been an amazing personality no different from the book he wrote last year. A very humble human being and the same is being portrayed in the characters of his book.
    All the best sir.

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