About Us

We are a bunch of Thalas who have pledged together to break the monotony of life and be a cult of our passion. We are also on a vow to find those souls who are bitten by the creative bug and have a zeal in them to exhibit their talent to the rest of the world.

We value art and the creators of it and hence we came up with Thalagiri which is a platform for all those artists who live, eat, drink and dream art. All those who have a brilliant artist in them but are searching for a stage to showcase their talent then Thalagiri welcomes all those creative minds with arms wide open.

We endeavor to make this world a Better Place to Live.

Thalas of Thalagiri

Chirag Mehta Founder

This apex Thala of the gang is also the mastermind behind Thalagiri. Though a B.Tech degree holder but he loves to hear the shutter sound of his camera when he clicks some picturesque pictures. Known for his lethal strategies and management skills, he is also popular as the “Jugaadu of the Gang.”
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Mamta Singh Creative head

MAMTA SINGH – Creative Head
Give her a black and white planet and she would literally leave no stone unturned in turning it into a huge color ball with her favorite brushes and vibrant colors. Her inspirational story and the immense talent and love towards art could simply awestruck anyone. She is the creative genius when it comes to mixing and matching of colors. The group is sure that she will soon be branded as the artist who founded the 8th color in rainbow.
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