6 Quotes of Picasso which will bring your inner child alive

6 Quotes of Picasso which will bring your inner child alive

There are a lot of things to learn from a child. Let us recall what Pablo Picasso has quoted about being a kid always, as a child has no boundaries when he/she imagines. 

It took me four years to paint like kapahi, but a lifetime to paint like a childThe quote of Picasso which is more than just a quote. He knew the power of a child’s imagination. The power of free thinking. The power of creating. And all of these things are very essential for an artist to be creative. It took him lifetime to paint like a child and to understand a child’s mind. And that’s why Pablo is one of his kind.

every child is an artist. the problem is have to remain an artist once we grow upWhy do we kill the child inside us? Why not cherish everything like a child and be happy about everything. Why can’t we pass smile to everyone irrespective of the fact that whether we know them or not. Why not just paint like a child?

The world doesn’t make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do ?Why we are after finding sense in everything? Why we are limiting our creativity in terms of “good sense” there’s nothing called “Nonsense” for an artist. Why not  just paint like a child?

If I don’t have Red, I use blueWhy for us, the hair is always black? An apple is always red? What if, we are drawing an apple and we don’t have red? Why not use whatever color we have? Why not just paint like a child?

I am always doing things, I can’t do, that’s How I get to do them.When we were a child, we tried new things. We tried to crawl. We tried to walk and we walked. We tried to run and we ran. We tried to learn and we learnt. Then why not now try new things like a child? Why not just do them? Why not just paint like a child?

Everything you can imagine is real.Why we think there’s no tooth fairy? Why we think there’s no chocolate town? Our creation is our imagination and if you believe in it, you could create it. Why not just think like a child? Why not have limitless imaginations like a child? Why not just paint like a child?

On this Universal Children’s Day, why not we awake our inner child?

Why not be a child, all over again?

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