10 Productive ways to pass your time

10 Productive ways to pass your time

You are stuck at your home either because it is raining outside, Sun is at its zenith or your friend just stood you up. Irrespective of the reason, the bottom line is that you are enveloped by boredom and anyhow want to kill your time. You are even tired of rolling the TV channels and scrolling your social media page on the internet. But time is refusing to pass.Through this listicle, we will unveil some amazing ways to kill your time. Buckle up for a creative journey.


  1. Pen your thoughts​ – Just hold a pen and a paper in your hand and we assure you that thoughts will flow instantly. Write to your future self and narrate how you got trap in this boredom, jot down a small story (who knows you might end up publishing it), write down your goals or your dreams that you want to achieve 1 or 3 years down the line. And if you just can’t write don’t keep your stationery away because we have a plan for you in our next point.writing
  2. Doodle it out Start doodling on a piece of paper when you feel lonely or bore. Try to bring out the artist in you by picking up your favorite color and drawing something on the paper. Even if you end up drawing something gibberish you will feel relaxed and better. Try to color your canvas with any scene you loved the most or just paint your name to feel rejuvenated. Come up with some creative design and print it on your canvas.draw
  3. Be an Engineer - Go to your store room and look for things that you could use to buildsomething (you might even feel nostalgic when you see your old things). Recall your science lessons from school as well as your lab experiments and turn yourself into an engineer (don’t forget your yellow hat). Jot down a blueprint and start working over it. Once done with a prototype, remove your engineering hat and turn yourself into an artist. Decorate your prototype with colors and other ornamenting stuff. Finally, put your creative and innovative effort into some or the other use.best-out-of-waste
  4. Experiment in the Kitchen​ – Doesn’t matter which gender you belong to but when boredom surrounds you then brace yourself to put on your chef’s hat. Either lend a hand to your mother or just foray into the cooking world individually. Look for the ingredients present at your home and choose a primary one and then mine the internet for a recipe. If you don’t get anything on the web, do some experiments and come up with new dishes (after all every delectable dish was once an experiment). Just in case, you don’t feel like doing an experiment then show your creativity with a packet of Maggi 2 minute noodles.cooking
  5. Get Organized – To kill the time you need to kill your procrastination. Organize your messy wardrobe and desk. Think of some ideas on how you can creatively ornament your wardrobe and desk so that your stuff look organized yet easily reachable. Trust us only your mom could organize the desk and wardrobe in mere five minutes. For us, it might take an entire day and that is enough to discard our boredom.get-organised
  6. Scroll your contact list for a surprise – Well, this is something we every day do but just to find a specific person. When you are bitten by boredom scroll the contact list on your phone and see if there is anyone who you have not talked to in years. Drop him/her a text or give that person a ring and you will see the time is flying by.Scroll-your-contact-list
  7. Have a word with yourself – The daily hopping from home to school, college and office and vice versa snatches your precious moments of having a conversation with the most intelligent, smart and understanding person, i.e. you. Either close your eyes or go face yourself in front of a mirror to have a word with yourself. Reveal yourself your future plans, your fear, your strong points, etc. You might end up with a straight and a clear road with a goal at its end.Have-a-word-with-yourself
  8. Plan your next step – So what if your friend didn’t show up? So what if it is chilling cold outside? Always have a clear picture of the future in your head. You have already decided your plan of next five year but for the next hour, you are still a clueless person. Sit straight and plan your next hour, day or month for the successful achievement of what you are trying to achieve after one or three years down the line.Plan-your-next-step
  9. Be a lone wanderer – Are you scared of going somewhere alone? Do you have a habit of depending on others? We truly hope that you deny on the aforementioned statements. Ignite the engine of your vehicle and go somewhere you always wanted to go. Try something new being alone and do something alone that you wanted to do along with someone. Who knows you might develop a new perspective for things while being alone.be-a-lone-wanderer
  10. Complete something that is due since ages – Since you have nothing else to do for the time being try pacing from one room to another for a while. This exercise will surely help you in recalling something that has been due for a long time for you were packed with other priorities to complete it. This will surely help to pass your time.Complete-something-that-is-due-since-ages

These were our 10 best boredom killers. If you have ever stuck between a rock and hard place then do share with us the remedy you used to successfully come out of such a boring trap. We are all ears to your creative tips and techniques to kill time.

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